24 October 2017
Media Release - #2017135, 2017

Labor lies and dodge balls

LABOR has no plan for small business other than to roll back tax cuts putting a handbrake on jobs and growth and even then can't be up front about it, Minister for Small Business Michael McCormack says.

"In a doorstop interview today the Shadow Treasurer squirmed his way around Labor's plans to jack up taxes on small and medium businesses, winding back the Turnbull Government's legislated tax cuts," Mr McCormack said.

"The consistent narrative the Labor Party is weaving tells a story of no policy and greater uncertainty while stifling job creation and growth for small businesses in Australia.

"Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen today openly stated Labor will continue to block tax cuts and when asked about Labor's policy platform he had no response!

"It is ridiculous the Shadow Treasurer has taken the political position tax cuts grow our economy and create jobs is a bad idea, after explicitly outlining his true position in his book reducing company tax is 'a Labor thing'.

"But it is not surprising, it is the terrifying economic mismanagement and misunderstanding peddled by the Labor party which doesn't understand our economy.

"Small business deserves better and our nation deserves better than this bleak alternative Treasurer.

"As a major driver of our economy, an attack on small business tax cuts is an attack on 5.6 million hard-working Australians and on local job creation."

Mr McCormack said this is typical of the Labor party and its "all problems, no solutions" approach to policy.

"Labor will not support small business growth in Australia and it has turned its back on local workers," Mr McCormack said.

"This is why small business should not and does not trust anything Labor says."

Mr McCormack said a better deal for small business is central in the Liberals and Nationals' Government.

"Unlike many in the Labor Party, Liberal and Nationals' MPs have run small businesses, employed Australians and had a go," Mr McCormack said.

"This is why we understand it is small business – not Government – which creates jobs and grows our economy and it is why we want to make running a small business easier.

"Labor should learn small business is more than a river of gold from which to fund a tax-and-spend ideology – it's a key part of our economy which we should all be backing.

"And unlike Labor, we do not think, and never will, growing our economy and creating more jobs is 'a bad idea'."