Interview with Michael McLaren, 2GB

2 March 2017

PRESENTER: Well, as another gruelling week of the Parliament crunches to an end, we are left basically where we started the week. There’s a hot debate around the penalty rates decision by the Fair Work Commission this time last week and both political camps have basically staked their claim. Labor is a very, sort of, […]

Interview with Richard Perno, 2DU, Dubbo

24 February 2017

PRESENTER: [Question on penalty rates]… we're going to see some action on this? McCORMACK: Well as I travel around the countryside – and certainly last year I started a nationwide tour of small businesses with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in fact – and I was told in most states apart from South […]

Interview with Nick Lowther, ABC Western Plains, Dubbo

24 February 2017

PRESENTER: Penalty rates are front and centre of political debate with the decision yesterday of the Fair Work Commission. The Minister for Small Business, Michael McCormack, has been in Dubbo alongside the Member for Parkes Mark Coulton. Minister, good morning. McCORMACK: Good morning Nick. PRESENTER: And Mark Coulton, good morning. COULTON: Good morning Nick, good […]

Interview with Claire Murphy, PowerFM, Murray Bridge

21 February 2017

PRESENTER: Well, in the studio this morning is the Federal Minister for Small Business, Michael McCormack, brought in by our local Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin. Good morning, gentlemen. McCORMACK: Good morning. PASIN: Good morning. PRESENTER: Now, let's talk about small business. We hear that here in Murray Bridge there is a move to […]

Interview with Simon Wallace, ABC Riverina Breakfast

14 February 2017

WALLACE: Labelling – what does it mean to you? Do you have a good look at products? Is it clear enough on the product? Is it clear enough on the supermarket shelf? Well, there’s been some discussions in Federal Parliament about it. Michael McCormack is – of course – the Federal Member for Riverina and […]

Interview with Matt Tukaki, Second Career 2UE

30 January 2017

PRESENTER: Small business is the great driver. It is the engine that drives our economy and you’ve got the Minister on the line, Matt? TUKAKI: We have – and here’s the interesting thing… every day an Army of Australians take to the streets and in the back lanes and roads of our country. They open […]