Joint doorstop interview, Parkes

20 April 2017

MICHAEL MCCORMACK: Well, look it’s great to be here with my colleagues Darren Chester, who is the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure, and Matthew Canavan, who is the Minister for Northern Australia but perhaps more importantly in today’s context the Minister of Resources. Darren is here to announce two timber bridges being replaced, future-proofing the […]

Doorstop interview, Northparkes Mines

20 April 2017

MICHAEL MCCORMACK: Well, look it’s really great to be here at Northparkes Mines, the world’s most fully automated, underground, block cave mine. This is a copper mine and, as I say, it’s not only fully automated but, when it went fully automated, it lost no jobs. Three hundred people work this mine. This very much […]

Interview with 2PK, Parkes

20 April 2017

PRESENTER I’m joined in the studio by Michael McCormack, the Minister for Small Business and our Federal Member for the Riverina and also Matthew Canavan, Minister for Resources and Northern Australia. Hi guys, how are you? McCORMACK Very well thanks Elliott. CANAVAN Yeah, really well thanks. PRESENTER Michael and Matthew, what brings you to town? […]

Doorstop interview, Port Panthers, Port Macquarie

19 April 2017

McCORMACK [RECORDING STARTS]…. heard the importance of shopping local. And the Government is trying to do that through its procurement policies. We already have about a third of Federal Government goods and services going to small business. And when I first got in the job as Small Business Minister, I wrote to each of my […]

Doorstop interview, C-Ex Club, Coffs Harbour

19 April 2017

JOURNALIST So Michael tell us why you are here as part of the small business roadshow. McCORMACK The national small business roadshow is getting out and about, across the countryside and certainly in regional areas such as Coffs Harbour and Port Macquarie, to listen to the small business owners and operators right throughout Australia. But […]

Joint interview with ‘Moffee’, Triple M Coffs Harbour

19 April 2017

PRESENTER Yeah, morning! It’s Moffee with you. Joining us now in the studio Federal Member for Cowper Luke Hartsuyker and the Minister for Small Business, Michael McCormack. G’day guys, welcome along! McCORMACK Morning Moffee. PRESENTER Now it’s been a very busy 24 hours when it comes to jobs and working but the main reason you’re […]

Doorstop interview, Bennett’s Steel, Wauchope

18 April 2017

MICHAEL MCCORMACK: [RECORDING STARTS] as part of the national small business roadshow. We are going to be doing a small business roadshow forum in both Port Macquarie and Coffs Harbour. I am here with David Gillespie and Luke Hartsuyker – my Nationals’ and Ministerial colleagues. David has told me a lot about the diversity of […]

Joint doorstop interview with Luke Howarth MP, Member for Petrie, Deception Bay, Queensland

12 April 2017

JOURNALIST: What’s this going to mean for small business? McCORMACK: Ultimately, our small business plan is going to encourage hire wages, it’s going to mean that hundreds more businesses are able to get a tax cut. So the tax rate is going from 28.5 per cent to 27.5 per cent for businesses with an annual turnover of up to […]

Interview with Del Irani, ABC Melbourne Drive

11 April 2017

JOURNALIST: Minister thanks for your time this afternoon. MICHAEL McCORMACK: That’s a pleasure. JOURNALIST: So what does the ‘typical’ Australian look like? MICHAEL McCORMACK: Well the ‘typical’ Australian is a 38 year old female – Australia’s population has changed a lot over the past 105 years. The first census was held in 1911 and back […]

Interview with Matthew Tukaki, 2GB, Small Business Roadshow

11 April 2017

JOURNALIST: Every week we talk about small business and what’s going on with small business right across this great country of ours. Joining me to talk small business from a roadshow in country Queensland is Michael McCormack, the Federal Small Business Minister who is out and about really pushing the Government’s agenda when it comes […]

Doorstop on nationwide small business roadshow, Stanthorpe, Queensland

11 April 2017

JOURNALIST Minister, I just wanted to touch on a few things mentioned at your Chamber of Commerce meeting this morning. A big one for this region and also the Lockyer Valley region is water security in terms of small business and the ag sector. So what can be done? I know in the Lockyer Valley, […]

Doorstop on the ABS release of the ‘typical’ Australian, Stanthorpe, Queensland

11 April 2017

JOURNALIST So Minister, what’s the latest with the Census? McCORMACK Well the first release of data from last year’s Census comes today at 11.30, where a ‘typical’ Aussie snapshot will be released. And that will show what a typical Aussie looks like, across the nation, also through the States and Territories. It will compare what […]

Doorstop interview, High Street, Belmont

6 April 2017

MICHAEL McCORMACK: [RECORDING STARTED] … So on the back of tax cuts and our plan to back small business, the nationwide roadshow of small business will listen to small business about their needs and talk up our plan. I know certainly Sarah Henderson speaks up for small business, and we are a Government which backs […]

Interview with Julie Clift, ABC Central West

5 April 2017

PRESENTER: We’re joined this morning by Minister for Small Business and the Member for Riverina, Michael McCormack, Good morning Michael McCormack… MICHAEL McCORMACK: Good morning Julie. PRESENTER: Thank you for joining us this morning. McCORMACK: It’s a pleasure. PRESENTER: Before we talk more about what impact it will have on small businesses in terms of […]

Joint Doorstop Interview, Small Business Roadshow, Wodonga, Victoria

4 April 2017

BRIDGET McKENZIE: [RECORDING STARTED] … talking to my National Party colleagues, talking to local small businesses right across the region, about what we’re doing as a Government to ensure they get on with working in their business. We want to get the clumsy hand of Government and all that red tape out of their businesses […]

Doorstop interview, Royal Australian Mint, Canberra

30 March 2017

MICHAEL McCORMACK: With the Commonwealth Games, that is children right around Australia that is the adults who would like to see their children not just participate in the Commonwealth Games but indeed attend the Commonwealth Games so every road, every airport is going to lead to the Gold Coast just twelve months from now and […]

Interview with Michael McLaren, 2GB

2 March 2017

PRESENTER: Well, as another gruelling week of the Parliament crunches to an end, we are left basically where we started the week. There’s a hot debate around the penalty rates decision by the Fair Work Commission this time last week and both political camps have basically staked their claim. Labor is a very, sort of, […]

Interview with Richard Perno, 2DU, Dubbo

24 February 2017

PRESENTER: [Question on penalty rates]… we're going to see some action on this? McCORMACK: Well as I travel around the countryside – and certainly last year I started a nationwide tour of small businesses with the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in fact – and I was told in most states apart from South […]

Interview with Nick Lowther, ABC Western Plains, Dubbo

24 February 2017

PRESENTER: Penalty rates are front and centre of political debate with the decision yesterday of the Fair Work Commission. The Minister for Small Business, Michael McCormack, has been in Dubbo alongside the Member for Parkes Mark Coulton. Minister, good morning. McCORMACK: Good morning Nick. PRESENTER: And Mark Coulton, good morning. COULTON: Good morning Nick, good […]

Interview with Claire Murphy, PowerFM, Murray Bridge

21 February 2017

PRESENTER: Well, in the studio this morning is the Federal Minister for Small Business, Michael McCormack, brought in by our local Federal Member for Barker, Tony Pasin. Good morning, gentlemen. McCORMACK: Good morning. PASIN: Good morning. PRESENTER: Now, let's talk about small business. We hear that here in Murray Bridge there is a move to […]

Interview with Simon Wallace, ABC Riverina Breakfast

14 February 2017

WALLACE: Labelling – what does it mean to you? Do you have a good look at products? Is it clear enough on the product? Is it clear enough on the supermarket shelf? Well, there’s been some discussions in Federal Parliament about it. Michael McCormack is – of course – the Federal Member for Riverina and […]

Interview with Matt Tukaki, Second Career 2UE

30 January 2017

PRESENTER: Small business is the great driver. It is the engine that drives our economy and you’ve got the Minister on the line, Matt? TUKAKI: We have – and here’s the interesting thing… every day an Army of Australians take to the streets and in the back lanes and roads of our country. They open […]